Bouch clothing is a one-of-a-kind & proudly South-African clothing range, founded & owned by South-African artist, Juan Boucher. Having a successful career in music, the more my fan base grew, the more I saw an opportunity to not only expand my personal brand, but mainly to use this to bring South-Africans together, in a true, unique and ‘lekker’ way. 

We, as South-Africans have always followed the style of others, and I believe that we should rather embrace our own one-of-a-kind styles, which suits us as South-Africans. 

Bouch Clothing is the first of its kind, designed for the true South-African to be comfortable whether you are in the city or in the bush.  We use genuine leather which will last a lifetime, as well as 100% cotton clothing for both men and ladies. Bouch vellies are available for men and women, and soon we will have Baby Bouch vellies available for the little ones. 

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